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Because the more money you keep in your pocket every month means the more you have to build your dreams and goals.

Go Solar for $0 Down

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Where you get your electricity is now a choice. Choose reliable. Choose renewable. Choose SUNDOT.

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$0 Down

With $0 down financing, you can start saving with no upfront costs.

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Flexible Financing

With SUNDOT, we offer three flexible payment options. You can choose what is right for you. Cash – Loan – Lease.

20-30% Savings

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Your Total Utility Costs

Over 20 years, you would be paying an average of $150,801 to the utility company.

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Your Total Solar Costs

By going solar, you could save up to $75,025 in 20 years.

20-30% Savings

SUNDOT customers save an average of 30-50% off of their monthly utility bill. See how much you can save today!

Locked-In Rates

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Prevent Rate Increases

Utility companies raise their rates frequently. You have no say in the matter and are often unaware until your bill arrives.

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Fixed Rate

Put control back in your hands! Your rate will be locked-in for 20 years. No unpredictable rate increases.

Government Incentives

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Federal Tax Credits

The investment tax credit allows you to deduct a % of the cost with installing a solar system on your home.

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State Tax Credit

State tax credits vary. Please ask your SUNDOT energy consultant what your state tax credits are.

Special Rebates

There are special rebates you can get back on purchases. Ask your SUNDOT energy consultant if you are eligible!